Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hey guys!

Hi everyone! So obviously I've been VERY inactive lately... haven't posted in almost a year. I'm really sorry, but after while, updating my blog felt like a job. It was harder to commit to than I thought it would be. Plus, my posts gradually stopped becoming appealing to me. I preferred vlogging. I found it to be much more enticing and interesting to follow along than reading a bunch of pointless words. I have wanted to make that change for a really long time, but again, easier said than done. 

So my point is that this blog will be deleted and I will start another one. I want a fresh new start with less words and more fun videos. You can soon find me on youtube once I finally come up with another blog name, which again, is very difficult to come up with since all of my favourite names have already been taken. :'(

Anyways! I'm really sorry for the inactivity but there will be much more to come! (:



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