Tuesday, October 30, 2012

24-Layer Chocolate Cake

Since school started, I have been so busy that when my birthday came...well I happened to make a cake two days later. This year, I wanted my cake to be extra special since I was turning 13 years old;and turning 13 is not just turning 13, its not like all the other previous birthdays. Thirteen is when you become a teenager. :) So, looking through a liqueur magazine called, "Taste," I found a yummy-looking cake. It said, "20-layer cake." I actually had planned to make a  cake with fondant, but, this was good enough-and very, very impressive. 

Although it was meant to be a 20-layer chocolate cake, I had extra cake layers I had sliced and decided that: the more the merrier. So, stacking layers and layers of cocoa cake (brushed with simply syrup) and chocolate whipped cream, this cake was inevitable. I assembled it in a cake ring, however, it didn't fit in all the layers-the cake was way too high.  

Next, was the difficult part: cutting the cake. I was slicing it so slowly to get the prettiest slices. But once the slice was on a plate, we couldn't stop staring at it. With all of the, "ooh's," and, "ahh's," this cake was really pretty and tall. When I took a bite, I realized it was just so moist. Most chocolate cakes I make are not this moist. Sometimes, choking might be necessary, but definitely not with this cake. I have to admit, this is probably one of my best cakes. Although it was bigger, taller, prettier, yummier, and more moist than the other cakes I've made, the down-side to this is that...well...this, has the most calories-no doubt. 

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